Ludu Hare and the Magical Carrot

Ludum Dare #48 entry

While Ludu 🐰 is dozing in the warm light of the Magical Carrot 🥕, dreaming fluffy dreams, the shifty Mole King 👑 steals it.

Help Ludu to find his way through the Mole Kingdom and bring the Magical Carrot home! 


left bumper: move

x: kick 

b: roll 

a: jump (2x for double jump)

L1/R1: roll left/right


UP/W -> Jump  (2x for double jump) 

DOWN/S (-> drop from platforms) 

Left/A, Right/D

kick: E

Roll: Ctrl


  • lowered transition and boss spawn wait times (made the game look like it crashed)
  • adjusted sfx volumes
  • removed the “slow” when kicking in air
  • added transition between levels and audio fade (made the game look crashed on low end pcs and fix audio stuttor on transition)


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Cute Concept Like your entry. Will you be expanding on this in the future?

Thx. We had a lot of fun with our jam, so we will polish it at least I guess.